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  • debspaul1290 - we've been into the dogging scene for sometime now and have been finding it harder and harder to find decent locations and by that I mean ones that are used!. We joined a swingers website to chat with others and arrange some meets and it wasn't long after joining that we had guys contacting use telling us current Dorset dogging locations and we arranged to meet some guys one night. I wanted to wear something sexy (more)
  • maturepoole - my wife and I had been thinking about wife swapping or swinging as its called these days and looked around and joined this site as it did seem to have some good locati0n contacts. Whilst we wanted to swap we didn't want to go all the way and it wasn't long after joining up and reading some of the other profiles we realised we were looking for soft swapping meets. So we updated our profile and waited for the emails to come in ....they didn't!! at first we were pretty disappointed but it was only when a member one night in the chatroom mentioned about adding some photos it dawned on us. I added some photos blocking our faces and it wasn't long after that that members started contacting us and we arranged to meet with this couple for a drink (more)
  • hotwifesue - Anyone want to fuck my wife whilst I watch!! little did I know that profile would attract so many guys contacting me as I thought it would put guys off fucking my wife with the hubby watching but boy did I get that wrong - Ian dropped us a line and being a black male and HUNG my wife wanted to meet with him so we arranged a time. That night my wife was like a little schoolgirl ( no she didn't have that outfit on) getting all nervous about meeting Ian, but more so it was her first time fucking a black guy and personally I think thats what she was more worried about, after all Ian was seriously hung and made my cock look small (more)

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